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Astonishing Aspects!
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What is an Aspect? A planetary aspect in astrology is a connection between two planets.  They are the only part of astrology that is constant – regardless of what system is used. 

Our Astonishing Aspects!  When the distance of two planets makes a particular angle in any given chart, it is called an aspect. Depending upon how close or exact the aspect is, it is said to correspond with the strength of the underlying energy force. Out of the 45 aspects possible, only one is perfect for each one of us!  It is our very own Astonishing Aspect!

We call our very own special aspect "Astonishing" because we will be astounded at how easy its use can bring joy into our life.  Really!

Types of Aspects. The aspect’s energy force can consist of easy and harmonious connections or challenging and constructing ones. 

Davie’s interpretations emphasize only the easiest and most harmonious aspect for a chart. He focuses on the closest aspect with the vibratory relationship for enhancement of the person’s life and growth – that is your Astonishing Aspect.

 Why Focus  on Just One Positive Aspect?  Due to the cosmic law of attraction, what we focus on we get more of.  So when we magnify the positive, it takes over and abounds.  We find the universe goes out of its way to give us what we want. Synchronicities occur, people offer their help, and circumstances and behaviors change.

Flowing Downstream. By focusing on what we want and are good at, not on what is happening to us now, we find we start moving downstream toward our goals. We go with the flow that life intended for us.

The Joy of Our Aspect. When we discover what our Astonishing Aspect is, it will feel right and natural, even though we might not have ever given it any thought in the past.

We might say something like, “Oh, I knew that. I do that all the time.” Or maybe, “Gosh, that seems like something I could do well – why didn’t I think of that before,” or even, “Oh! I thought everyone could do that!”  It just seems right!  

We can now consciously use this new knowledge towards expanding our Astonishing Aspect's special qualities and talents.

How Do We Get Started?  What is needed to activate our unique astonishing aspect is to infuse and empower it with positive energy daily. The challenging aspects we are already putting too much energy into. Most of us tend to focus too much on what our situation is now, and then we struggle to find ways to relieve that suffering.

Why not just switch to where we want to be or where our dreams are? Then our energy will lead us in a happy, fulfilling direction, towards success, excitement and luck in life.

 Astonishing, isn’t it?

Want to find out what your Astonishing Aspect is? 

 To get your secret astrology tool, send us a gift donation and when we receive it, we will contact you via email for the information we need to provide you with this astonishing aspect. Be brave! On all mail and Internet orders, there is a 30 day guarantee.

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