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About Davie Pfaffle

Davie Pfaffle has been immersed in the study of astrology and spiritual growth for almost 40 years.   He wants to "share the magic" of life with everyone.

After asking many people what their birth signs were and noting the characteristics they manifest, he soon was able to guess their signs with a high degree of accuracy.

His books and this website are a result of his belief in positive thinking. In his life, with astrology and in his writings, Davie has made it his mission to only focus on the positive. It's the key to being happy!

Davie lived in San Jose, CA most of his life and is the father of a son, Steve and grandpa to Frankie and Irie as well as loving support to Joyce's three daughters, six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter! When not traveling, he lives in Campbell, California with his wife, travel companion and writing partner, Joyce, in a very lucky relationship -- for the both of them!


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