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Lucky Jupiter

Sun Sign -- We can know our Sun sign just by our birth date, and many books have been written about Sun sign astrology. Basically, the Sun sign signifies the motivations and potentials for one's character, as well as chief aim and purpose in life.

Rising Sign and Moon Sign -- When you study astrology, you begin to see there are other signs that are important -- namely the Rising sign and the Moon sign.

The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, has to do with our personality, what we act like and how we go about achieving our Sun sign's purpose. Along the pathway of life, we get interested in things and respond to them with our feelings and emotions and that is what the Moon sign signifies.

Jupiter Sign -- Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It is the major benefic or the Santa Claus of the Zodiac.

It signifies the drive we have towards joy, what things have the potential to multiply in our lives and where our successes are likely to be.

Jupiter shows which attitudes we are most optimistic about,  where we are the most positive and thus where our opportunities for success, abundance and wealth lie.

Luck is knowing where to put energy and
actually putting it where --

  •     It has the most leverage

  •     Energy will grow

  •     It will multiply 

  •     We will get the most bang for our buck!

Through knowing which sign our expanding Jupiter is in, we can be luckier and more joyful in direct proportion to how much energy we put there.

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Thanks for the Lucky Astrology  newsletter. I particularly liked your interpretation of the Jupiter-Saturn trine.

I'm currently working to build my freelance video editing business, and for the past several days, I've been doing an unusual amount of networking with others in the filmmaking business. Nice to know the transits support my long-term plans.
Estelle, Santa Clara CA


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