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Calculate Your Lucky Jupiter Sign

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"Your Lucky Jupiter
and Astrology"
Book One
Davie Pfaffle

  • Want more luck in your life? 

  • Expand your opportunities?

  • Find compatible relationships and friends?

This book might be just the ticket to your good fortune in life.

 In astrology, Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes expansion and growth. The sign that Jupiter was in at your birth determines the kind of positive qualities you might adopt to bring about more expansion, luck and fortune in your life. Using the calculator on this website, you can determine your lucky Jupiter sign easily.

If, for example, your Jupiter is in Pisces at your birth, you will find key words and definitions in this book of qualities, actions and behaviors you might want to put energy into. The same applies to the other signs.

The author has suggestions for use of these keywords in your daily life -- so you can change your thinking and change your luck!

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Your Lucky Jupiter and Astrology

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As a new inquirer into astrology, I found this book  fun and intriguing. I can used it to enhance my daily life and learn more about my friends.
-Connie (on the booksite)

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